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On the way to the Mastichochoria villages and just seven kilometers from the city of Chios, Perleas Estate, situated in the area of Cambos, combines in a unique way the rare beauty of an old mansion with the liveliness of an exemplarily cultivated acre land. Perleas Estate  is a pioneer farm offering high quality holidays to nature lovers. The Estate, with its traditional hospitality extended against    the backdrop of the unspoiled natural environment, provides an ideal setting for relaxation. Meals are carefully prepared with fresh vegetables gathered directly from Perlea's fields. Aesthetic appeal and simplicity form a ravishingly contrasting image that marks the pervading atmosphere of Perleas Estate, thus enchanting the visitors every single moment of his/her stay! 

Stone, Earth, Light, Water. Those few but most valued earthly elements have been used by unique craftsmen since 17th century. It was sheer  craftsmanship that brought forward elaborate designs and ornate patterns. As the sun amuses itself playfully over the Estate with it precious rays reflecting upon the red stones, the tiny, artificial pond full of water-lilies is bathed in striking colours, and the well with its wooden bucket-holder is waiting for you to quench your thirst.


Room Rates and Reservation

Perleas Mansion,

Vangelis Xydas, Vitiadou & Stroumpi Street, GR-82100 Cambos, Insel Chios, Greece

Tel: (+30) 22710 32217

Fax. (+30) 22710 32364


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